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Copyright Issues

While operating EMODE EDUCATION website, one can search number of documents or other information sources. These all resources are shared or licensed by private proprietors or companies and one has to take permission from the holder if he wants to transfer and reproduce the same information in his work.

External Links

Hypertext is an important part of this web portal. These hypertexts are linked with external website and pages having key facts and particulars which are being created and maintained by many private organisations, apart from EMODE EDUCATION. However, these external links could be developed by EMODE EDUCATION, if they are meant entirely to supply the important and relevant information to the location user, which is the prime object of this web portal

In continuation, EMODE EDUCATION has an exclusive prudence to examine whether the external websites linked with hypertext links are in accordance with the aim of this web portal. EMODE EDUCATION, could also create hypertext links for informational purposes where the external websites will provide either some significant and prime data or any legal information to user.


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