About Us

EMODE EDUCATION, an initiative of Weexcel Education is an interactive online training podium deals with the design of latest and informative webinars and training sessions on execution, compliance and regulatory, suitable for both an individual and organisation. The main objective of these sessions is to enhance and upgrade the knowledge of learners through innovative strategic training headed by subject matter professionals and industry veterans. These trainings mainly focused on risk management, quality management, documentation, compliances to existing regulations, day-to-day business, operational, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal, professional and organisational goals.

EMODE EDUCATION, is now successful to make available all these e-learning sessions at the best affordable price to their participants. These sessions can be attended from anywhere and only required a device such as smart phone, laptop, desktop or i-pad with internet connection.

However, on special request, we in EMODE EDUCATION also provide on-site/custom trainings for many organisations.

Following are the main EMODE EDUCATION training webinars:

Live Webinars

Every month to combat with the global regulatory challenges, EMODE EDUCATION designs and organizes a number of live webinars. In these webinars the main speaker is presenter and all other are participants or attendees. The software of these webinars allows the participants to share audio, documents and applications with each other. Nowadays, live streaming is also available.

Pre-recorded Webinars

These are the recorded versions of webinars organising under the supervision of expert with the sharing of reports and discussion of original research with other professionals. These webinars are mainly exchanged by pen drive, USB drive or CD/DVD.

CEU approved Webinars

These webinars are termed as Continued Education Units and helps in the upgradation of the skill and provide pace to the personalized experience.

On Demand Webinars

Webinars on demand are also there as per the requirement of learners in their respective industry or specialization.


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